.NET Camp

An exploration of the .NET Core Platform & Ecosystem

Sat. Nov. 18 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am

.NET Camp is a grassroots, community-run event focused on exploring the open source elements of the .NET ecosystem.

Our content is geared towards developers seeking to learn more about enterprise open source best practices, emerging technologies, and insights on integrating with the broader open source and Microsoft technology communities.


If you or an organization you know may be interested in sponsorsing AI Camp please see out prospectus Prospectus and reach out to us by email.


We're pleased to have some key members of the .NET community in NYC presenting.

Jasmine Greenaway

Cloud Developer Advocate (Microsoft)

Oren Novotny

Principal Architect (BlueMetal)


We will be adding schedule details in the next few days which specify the detailed order/timing of presentation on Sat. Nov. 18, between 9am - 6pm.


Our presentations will cover some

Multi-targeting the World: A Single Project to Rule Them All

Into to creating single and multi-targeted .NET Standard class libraries using the new "SDK-style" project system. We'll recap what .NET Standard, what problems it solves, and how to get started. Next, we’ll dive into some of the new capabilities of the “SDK-style” project type, show how to consolidate projects that need to target multiple platforms into a single project and easily create a NuGet package for the library. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how to convert an older class library into a .NET Standard library.

Oren Novotny

Principal Architect (BlueMetal)

Get to know .NET Core

Do you like to go fast? Do you enjoy platform agnostic development? If your answer is yes, .NET Core 2.0 might be the platform for you! With its speed, extensive tooling, cross-platform capabilities, and dedication to open source, .NET Core 2.0 has some head-turning features. What is everyone excited about? Let's take a look at what it has to offer with a birds eye view of the experience of getting an app from your machine to the cloud.

Jasmine Greenaway

Cloud Developer Advocate (Microsoft)


We'll be posting any News or update here, so please stay tuned for any important announcements.


The venue for .NET Camp 2017 is Convene's midtown NYC location at 730 3rd Ave), where it will be hosted along with other Open Camps events. We'll be posting further venue details here as the event approaches, including access and check-in procedures.


AI Camp is organized by a volunteer team from the open source community. If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us by email .